Automobile alloy wheels play a very important role in the driving process of the car. It is recommended that for ordinary consumers, it is better to be less active. If the enthusiasts want to modify, they must buy the genuine manufacturer of the wheel drawing machine, and then Modifications under the guidance of professionals can ensure that the car wheel retreading and repairing will not go wrong.
Automotive alloy wheel refurbishment equipment can be divided into common:
Automotive alloy wheel refurbishment equipment is divided into spectrometer and spectrometer without spectrometer. Hub cap liquid (500ml). Degreaser (250ml). Grinding machine (pneumatic type). Repair aluminum. Spray gun. Atomic ash. Curing agent. Fill the ash. Scraper. Sandpaper bottom plate. Grinding wheel head. Sandpaper. Filter paper. UV protective eye mask. Soft scraper.
Wheel hubs are an important part of cars. Many junior enthusiasts are sometimes difficult to identify correctly. Many people will call it “tires” or “squats”. In fact, “wheels” and “tires” are completely different. Two car parts. The so-called “tire” is the rubber part of the car tyre. It is soft in itself. Therefore, the inner section of the tire supports the shape of the barrel of the tire, and the center is the part mounted on the shaft. It is called the wheel hub. Due to different language habits, many People have different names for wheels, such as “rims,” ​​and many friends in the south call them “tire bells” or “bells.” Don’t be when someone says “bells” to you. It will be misunderstood that the “car bell” is said.

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