With the development of science and technology, the development of wheel refurbishment equipment has become more and more rapid. In the past, the re-use rate of wheel refurbishment equipment was very low, one wheel could only be refurbished once, and its production efficiency was not high, and the service life was low, which led to high production cost of the wheel, but now the development of wheel refurbishment equipment is getting faster and faster. Also introduced foreign advanced cold turning equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the wheel refurbishment equipment.
1. wheel refurbishment equipment: grinding machine
A device that grinds used tires to have a curvature when refurbished is called a sander. The sander is generally equipped with a vacuum cleaner. The function of the vacuum cleaner is to polish the original pattern of the old tire during the tire retreading process and to polish it to meet the requirements of the wheel refurbishment process. It is a must-have for wheel refurbishment.
2. wheel refurbishment equipment: tire press
In the wheel retreading equipment, there is a device called a tire press machine. During the retreading process, the tread rubber is evenly pressed onto the carcass according to the size and tension specified by the process; the air between the tread and the carcass can be excluded as much as possible. . There are many types of tire presses, among which are vertical tire presses, horizontal tire presses and CNC tire presses.
3. wheel refurbishment equipment: vulcanization tank
The vulcanization tank is used to vulcanize the tire with the tread, so that the tread and the carcass are firmly combined. Divided into electric heating and steam heating. Among them, the performance of the electrically heated vulcanization tank is relatively better than that of steam heating.

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