Nowadays, with the development of the economy, almost every household has a car, and there have been many problems. The frequency of use of automobiles is too high, the wear of the wheels is more serious, and the application of wheel repair equipment is also increasing. Let’s talk about the common use of wheel repair equipment.
1.Tire inflation trapping fluid
First of all, let’s talk about the tire inflation trapping solution. In fact, this is an emerging tire repair method, or it is accurately described as an emergency method. Although most models are equipped with a spare tire, the spare tire can be used when there is a problem with the tire. Replacement, but some models are equipped with equipment similar to replenishing fluid.
Tire inflation trapping fluid has been accepted by more and more car owners as a routine vehicle, but due to its chemical composition, it should be safely stored when it is carried. At the same time, we have mentioned a lot of precautions. The most important thing is that this wheel repairing equipment is not a permanent repair solution. It must be the first time to find the nearest repair shop. In addition, after using the pneumatic trapping solution, if there is a tire pressure gauge, it is best to check the tire pressure after driving for 2 to 3 kilometers to confirm that the tire pressure has been restored, and then continue driving.
2. Tire cold repair
The most common and applied technology in cold repair is basically replacing the strip, heat supplement and mushroom nailing method. However, the tire needs to be disassembled during operation, so there are certain requirements for the equipment, and in some remote areas, Some small repair shops still use rubber strips because they have no abortion equipment.
3. Heat supplement and mushroom nail repair
Let’s talk about the wheel repair equipment that is not commonly used, and the mushroom nail repair method. These two methods are not very common, as we said before, have been replaced by cold, but we can still understand.
4. Select the runflat tire
In fact, in addition to the wheel repair equipment passive tire repair, as the owner can also carry out active defense, such as the choice of gas-deficient tires, so that the tire can continue to safely travel to the repair shop after being tied.

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