The cnc wheel lathe machine is a special machine tool for machining and repairing wheel pairs of railway machines. In order to improve the performance and price ratio of the machine tool, CNC wheel lathe machine manufacturers,the cnc system for the double tool holder for wheel lathes was developed, and the automatic measurement, tool setting and economic cutting functions of the cnc system were discussed. It is a fully automatic machining operation mode, and is equipped with an automatic measuring system, which automatically calculates the optimal cutting parameters after measuring the tread surface of the wheel to be repaired.

CNC Wheel Lathe Machine

The main feature of the cnc system is high reliability, relatively small faults, strong adaptability to the environment, irrespective of temperature or moderate strength, and certain adaptability. The internal circuit is more complicated, and the required cnc is required. The lathe control system is in close contact and operation. Before the lathe processing, the information of the machined parts and the required requirements are written into the control end, and the numerical control device analyzes and processes the received information, and according to the result of the processing, the execution is performed to each device. Process and complete the machining of the part according to the required shape and size.

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