Cnc wheel lathe daily maintenance and use common sense:
First, the daily maintenance of the cnc wheel lathe:
Before working on the cnc wheel lathe:
1. Check the handover record book
2. Strictly follow the equipment; lubrication chart; delineate for refueling, to achieve timing, quantitative, qualitative.
3. For equipment that has been shut down for more than 8 hours, when not starting the equipment, first turn down for 3-5 minutes to confirm whether the lubrication system is unblocked and the operation of each part is normal before starting work.
In the work of cnc wheel lathe:
A. Always check the operation of various parts of the equipment and the working conditions of the lubrication system. If there is any abnormality, immediately notify the inspection staff to handle it.
B Tools, workpieces, and metal objects and pedals are strictly prohibited on each rail surface and shield.
After work:
A. Erase the iron filings and coolant on the rail surface, and there is no black oil on the lead screw or the light bar.
B. Clean iron and debris around the equipment.
C. If you really fill in the equipment handover record.
Second, the first level maintenance content of cnc wheel lathe:
1. Scrub equipment appearance department
A, the appearance is no yellow robe, no grease, the material sees the true color, the appearance is complete, no damage.
B. The guide rail, the rack, the light bar and the screw have no black oil and rust, and the grinding burrs are ground.
2. Cleaning, dredging lubrication cooling system, pipeline, including oil hole, oil cup, oil line, linoleum filter device.
A. The oil window is clear and bright, the oil mark is conspicuous, the fuel is in place, and the oil quality meets the requirements.
B, fuel tank, oil pool, filter device inside and outside cleaning, no fouling and impurities.
C, the oil line is complete, the linoleum is not aging, the lubricating oil road is unblocked, and there is no oil leakage or water leakage.
D, oil gun, oil pot clean and easy to use, oil nozzle, oil cup complete, hand pump, oil pump easy to use.
E. Remove the protective covers from each part, check the lubrication, scrub the guide rails, the light bar and the lead screw.
3. Check and adjust the iron filings, pressure plates and gaps of each part. The fixing screws, nuts and handles of each part are flexible and easy to use.
A. The clearance between the inclined iron, the pressure plate and the sliding surface of each part is adjusted to within 0.04mm, and the moving parts move freely.
B. There is no looseness in the fixing screws and nuts of each part.
4. Check the safety devices of the vertical car
A, each limit switch, indicator light, signal, safety protection device, complete and reliable.
B. All electrical devices are well insulated, reliable grounding and safe lighting.

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