With the development of science and technology, the use of alloy wheel repair machines is becoming more and more widespread. The expert in alloy wheel repair machine said that there are three main aspects affecting the dynamic balance of the wheel, mainly the dynamic balance of the wheel hub, the dynamic balance of the tire, the relative position of the wheel hub and the tire when the tire is loaded, and the nozzle and tire pressure sensor. Will affect the overall dynamic balance of the wheel.
In fact, the dynamic balance of the wheel hub has high and low points. The dynamic balance of the tire also has a high point and a low point. When the tire is loaded, if the dynamic balance of the wheel hub is high against the dynamic balance of the tire, the overall movement of the wheel The balance will definitely be high. On the contrary, the overall dynamic balance of the wheels is very low. How can we achieve a low level of overall wheel balance? Let’s talk about it carefully.
If it is a new tire, most of the brand tires have a red dot and a yellow dot. The red dot is the higher point of the tire beating. The yellow dot is the lower point of the tire dynamic balance. The scientific tire loading method is to install on the wheel hub. The air nozzle and the tire pressure sensor measure the high balance of the wheel hub on the dynamic balancing machine, and the high point is placed on the yellow point of the tire.
Because of the tire pressure sensor, the gas nozzle + tire pressure sensor weighs more than 30 grams. In most cases, the hub nozzle is the wheel balance high point, the nozzle is installed against the yellow point of the tire, and in most cases can reach the hub The overall dynamic balance is low.
If it is old tires, or the new tires have no yellow spots, only the corresponding position of the wheel tires can be adjusted to find a better installation point, and some riders will think that the original wheel hub dynamic balance must be low, but it is not.
It is understood that there are often many riders who reflect the dynamic balance block on the wheel hub. It does not look very comfortable, so it will question the quality of the steel wheel hub repair machine, unless the wheel hub itself is very poorly balanced, otherwise it is generally It is possible to solve the wheel repair by means of scientific tire loading. Whether it will affect the safety, mainly depends on whether the high speed will shake. If the wheel does not shake, then the dynamic balance block only affects the aesthetics.

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