The temperature problems in the use of wheel straightening machine are of great value to many operators. When choosing ‍‍ temperature, it is more appropriate to choose between 600 and 750 degrees. When the straightening machine is working, we have to strictly control its temperature. If the temperature is high, it will cause some wavy conditions when the steel plate squats in the cold bed. If the temperature is too low, it will directly affect the plasticity of the steel plate.
If it is said that the straightening condition of the steel plate is not good or the steel plate cannot be straightened, then at this time, it is recommended to adjust the speed and temperature parameters of the straightening machine to prevent residual stress on the steel plate and affect the bending of the steel plate. Processing, in fact, many details of the straightening machine are worth knowing. ‍
In order to make better use of the wheel straightening machine, the adjustment of the wheel straightening machine also needs to be taken seriously, because we can’t adjust it in one step when we use the straightening machine. At this time we have to adjust, then the specific method What is it like? Let’s talk about it carefully.
1. We must know that we can’t put items on the straightening machine to avoid the object falling into the body due to vibration.
2. If the straightening block is not fixed or the protective cover is covered, we can’t feed it. We can’t open the protective cover during the operation.
3. We must maintain the corresponding distance after we send the steel bar to the impeller.
4. When the end of the steel bar is straightened, our operators should avoid it and avoid incitement and hurt people.
5. If the length of the steel bar is less than 2 meters or the diameter is greater than 9 mm, then we should use low speed to work.
6. After finishing the work, we will return the straightening block to its original position.
7. When inspecting the straightening machine, we can turn the flywheel by hand to adjust the gap. After normal, we can see if there is any sound in the bearing. If it is normal, we can work.

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