The rim repair machine is specifically designed to repair twists, bends, dents, etc. of various types of rims. The rim repair machine has a unique design, standard shaping effect, and simple operation flow.
The rim repair machine has a very user friendly interface. Through the intelligent operating system, the lathe will automatically simulate and process on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel hub, and the system will automatically generate machining graphics and automatically complete the machining. There is no need to add various scanners to collect the machining data of the wheels. No additional programming is required and no additional probes are required. The rim repair machine uses an easy-to-operate mobile piston system controlled by a hydraulic unit. Without damaging the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy, the damaged hub can be positioned and treated with heat treatment and artificial aging to quickly restore it to its original shape.
The rim repair machine is equipped with a complete set of core tools and components. At the same time, the rim repair machine also has a stepless speed change, and can also detect the offset of the rim. Position the tag. Plastic repair, lathe cutting, surface polishing and many other functions.

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