The main feature of the cnc wheel lathe machine system is high reliability, relatively small failure conditions, strong adaptability to the environment, irrespective of temperature or moderate strength, and certain adaptability. The internal circuit is more complicated and requires matching. The CNC lathe control system is in close contact and operation. Before the lathe processing, the information of the machined parts and the required requirements are written into the control end, and the numerical control device analyzes and processes the received information, and according to the result of the processing, the execution is performed to each device. Process and complete the machining of the part according to the required shape and size.
The numerical control system of cnc wheel lathe machine is quite numerous, and the types and styles are various, but they are all derived from the requirements of the system and need to be designed. The numerical control system is generally divided into control system, servo system and position measurement system. These three parts are effective. The combination of a complete CNC system. Before the power is turned on, you can perform some simple checks, such as turning on the electric control box of the lathe, checking the relay, contactor, etc. for loose contact, checking the electric box door, checking the sockets of various interfaces, if there is loose The situation must be re-inserted to ensure that the contact is stable. According to the manual of the lathe, check each circuit board, make corrections in the wrong place, and make sure that there is no error. Check the next step; check the line at the relevant wiring place, there is no exposed copper wire of the line, and each terminal must be equipped with a screwdriver. Once tightened, the sockets of each motor must be tightened to ensure that they are not loose. Check the solenoid valve and need to push it several times to ensure that it will not run badly because it has not been energized for a long time. If problems are found, it needs to be sorted in time and recorded.

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