Alloy wheel repair equipment coating 1.0-caliber spray gun is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than large-caliber spray guns on the market. The small-diameter spray gun saves raw materials, because we are doing micro-repair projects, most of which are small-scale repair and partial repair. . The oil-water separator is used to treat the garbage on the top of the spray gun, the dry mill is used to polish the wheel hub, and the angle grinder is used to polish the dry-angle dry mill. The oven is used for baking as its name suggests.
Application of alloy wheel repair equipment:
(1) Repair rod: mainly used to fill the gap
(2) Filling the ash: used to repair small scratches, small pits (need to be placed in the oven and baked at 100 ° temperature for 1 hour (the ratio of curing agent to 3:1)
(3) Aluminum alloy ash: used to fill deep scratches, etc.
Note on alloy wheel repair equipment:
(1) You can’t use 2k paint in the enamel lacquer series.
(2) If forced use, there will be adverse consequences such as cracking, wrinkles and even chemical reactions.
(3) If you have not used up the product, remember to seal it and put it in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight.

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