The role of the proportional valve in the hydraulic system of the cnc wheel lathe machine is to adjust the pressure according to the gravity of the wheel pair of the vehicle, so that the continuous loading is always within a reasonable range, and the pressing device is not too bad; the wheel processing cannot be too small. When the friction is small, the cutting force cannot be overcome, and the slippage may occur during cutting. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure sensor, which can directly reflect the system pressure to the electrical system. The input voltage control button of the proportional pressure reducing valve is installed on the operation button station, and the continuous loading pressure of the system can be adjusted at any time.
Analysis of the problem of lifting the cylinder caused by the proportional valve encountered in the commissioning of the cnc wheel lathe machine: the cylinder is lifted into position, the workpiece is loaded, and the lifting cylinder cannot be maintained during continuous loading. The pressure on the pressure sensor is 0..3MPa, this pressure Not enough to lift 4 lift cylinders. The inspection found that the pressure was not caused by the leakage problem, and then detected the input voltage of the proportional pressure reducing valve, and found that the input voltage was too small, so that the proportional pressure reducing valve was in the approximate closed position, resulting in no pressure on the system.

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