In order to realize the automatic control of the wheel straightening machine, in the research of the straightening of the automatic control machine, the straightening machine needs the self-identification and the statistical quality control characteristics in the plate. The design goal is to realize the planarity and analyze the incoming Automated parameters and process selection straightening, the system is used to simulate the final form and straightening of daily quality control, and is used to measure complete flattening experts and quality control materials. This model is called straightening machine for straightening machine.
Today’s wheel straightening machine operating system acquires and stores the operator’s experience to select parameters, the operator selects the parameters of the process according to his personal experience, and the artificial intelligence algorithm can utilize the mathematical experience to represent the operator’s experience, and The knowledge of digital storage experience of these stores can be obtained online and in real time through the information of the entrance and exit of the straightening machine. With the development of optical measurement technology and imaging technology, the smoothness of the plate can be extracted from the surface video of the plate through video processing technology. Degree information.
Using the stored experience, the knowledge of the flatness of the board is obtained by the form of the detection system, and a process for selecting the parameters of the straightening set of the board is selected, which can be obtained according to the knowledge base of a certain algorithm. The correspondence between the optimal parameters of the ordinary sheet is a slice of different parameters assigned to the optimum flatness using the mapping relationship.

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