Straightening process of the wheel straightening machine:
The position of the roller is at an angle to the direction of movement of the straightened product. Two or three large are active pressure rollers, which are rotated in the same direction by the motor belt, and several small rollers on the other side are driven pressure rollers. It is rotated by the rotating round bar or the friction of the pipe. In order to achieve the required compression of the rolls to the article, the small rolls can be adjusted at the same time or separately forward or backward. Generally, the greater the number of rolls, the higher the accuracy of the finished product after straightening. After the product is bitten by the roller, it is continuously linearly or rotationally moved, so that the product is subjected to various compression, bending, crushing and the like, and finally the straightening is achieved.
Operating procedures for wheel straightening machine:
First, the operation steps of the wheel straightening machine:
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station, the reduction gear box, and the gear oil of the transmission box are full.
2. Before the main motor starts, perform corner inspection adjustment and hydraulic system working pressure adjustment.
3. Inject lubrication into each lubrication point and check the operation of the mechanical transmission part to make it flexible.
4. The operator wears the labor insurance products, and must not leave the post or work after the start.
5. After the oil temperature and oil pressure of the hydraulic station have stabilized, the upper straightening roller is raised to the initial position.
6. Manually receiving the material, sending the steel pipe through the third pair of straightening rolls and then clamping the upper straightening rolls.
7. Start the main motor and the steel tube will be straightened while rotating.
8. The motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the upper straightening roller is lifted, and the straightened steel pipe is sent out.
9. If you need to reverse the straightening, you can reverse the main unit and reverse the straightening through the reverse knob on the console.
10. The main motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the steel tube is returned to the starting position, and the next straightening program command is repeated.
11. After the shutdown, turn off the main power supply, and you cannot change the program controller at will.
Second, the wheel straightening machine’s precautions:
1. Carefully observe the straightness of the steel pipe. When the initial adjustment, ensure that the steel pipe is in contact with three-quarters of the straightening roller body, and that the gap is not more than 0.1 mm.
2. The straightening speed should be adjusted according to the bending degree of the steel pipe and the material of the steel pipe to be straightened.
3. Adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers according to the material, bending degree and required precision of the steel pipe to ensure the straightening reduction.
4. It is strictly forbidden to touch the straightening roller and the moving steel pipe by hand during the pipe-control process, and pay attention to the surface quality of the steel pipe to prevent the surface of the steel pipe from being scratched and indented.

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