Alloy wheel cnc machine have a wide range of processing performances, which can process internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, arc surfaces and various threads, slots, worms and other complex processes. It has exerted good economic benefits in the mass production of complex parts. When selecting the cutting amount, we must fully consider the various factors that affect the cutting, correctly select the cutting conditions, and determine a reasonable cutting amount to effectively improve the machining quality and output.
Conditions that generally affect the cutting efficiency of alloy wheel cnc machine include:
The rigidity of the machine bed, tool and workpiece;
Cutting speed, cutting depth, cutting feed rate;
Workpiece accuracy and surface roughness;
expected tool life and greater productivity;
Cutting fluid type and cooling method;
The hardness and heat treatment of the workpiece material;
Number of workpieces and machine life.
Among them, the cutting speed of alloy wheel cnc machine directly affects the cutting efficiency. If the cutting speed is too small, the cutting time will be longer and the tool cannot perform its function; if the cutting speed is too fast, although the cutting time can be shortened, the tool is prone to high heat and affects the tool life. Its cutting efficiency will be affected by human factors, environmental factors and the machine itself.

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