Working process of cnc wheel lathe
Cnc wheel lathe work is roughly divided into the following four steps:
1. According to the processing technology content required by the part drawing, carry out numerical calculation, process treatment and program design.
2. Compile the numerical control program according to the program format specified by cnc wheel lathe, and record it completely on the storage medium in the form of code, and then transfer the content of the processing program to the numerical control device through input (manual, computer transmission, etc.)
3. The numerical control program (NC code) received by the CNC system. The NC code is generated by the programmer on the CAM software or manually compiled. She is a text data. The expression is relatively intuitive and can be easily understood by the programmer. However, it cannot be used directly for hardware. The NC device “translates” the NC code into machine code. The machine code is a binary file composed of 0 and 1. It is then converted into electrical pulse signals that control X, Z and other directions of movement, and other auxiliary processing signals to pulse signals. The form is sent to the output port of the numerical control device, and the servo system is required to execute it.
4. According to the electric pulse signals of X, Z and other movement directions, the servo system processes and drives the movement mechanism of the machine tool (spindle motor, feed motor, etc.) to make the lathe automatically complete the processing of the corresponding parts. number
The applicable scope of cnc wheel lathe processing is as follows:
(1) Parts with complex shapes and high machining accuracy, especially for more complicated turning curves.
(2) occasions where the product is changed frequently and the production cycle is required to be short.
(3) Parts produced in small batches.
(4) Parts of higher value.

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