The diamond cut wheel machine adopts the unidirectional or reciprocating circular motion of the diamond wire, so that the diamond wire and the object to be cut form a relative grinding motion, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
When the processed material is not conductive and wire cutting is required, the EDM wire cutting machine will lose its effect. For this reason, the diamond cutting machine will begin to show its processing advantages. It can conduct conductive and non-conductive materials Small wire) for cutting. Therefore, diamond cut wheel machine are widely used to cut various metal and non-metal composite materials, such as ceramics, glass, rocks, gems, jade, meteorite, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, polysilicon, refractory bricks, epoxy plates, ferrite , PCB and building materials, dental materials, biological and biomimetic composite materials, etc., especially suitable for cutting all kinds of brittle crystals with high hardness, high value and fragility.
Working principle of diamond cut wheel machine:
The cutting principle of a diamond cut wheel machine is similar to a bow saw. The high-speed rotating and reciprocating winding drum drives the diamond wire to reciprocate. The cutting wire is tensioned by two tensioning wheels (spring or pneumatic), and two guide wheels are added at the same time to ensure cutting accuracy and shape. By automatically controlling the table to continuously feed the diamond wire console, or controlling the diamond wire console to feed the table continuously, grinding occurs between the diamond wire and the object being cut to form a cut. During the cutting process, due to the small diameter and elasticity of the diamond wire, the cutting wire forms an opening angle between the object to be cut and the two guide wheels located to the left and right, and the diamond wire is slightly arc-shaped. Therefore, the force applied to the cut object, together with the relative movement between the cutting line and the cut object, enables the cutting to continue.

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