cnc wheel machines have high-efficiency and high-precision machining technology for complex working conditions. High-efficiency and high-precision machining is an eternal goal pursued by machine tool users. As a necessary link to obtain high-quality parts, their quality has a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of parts processing. At present, machine tool users lack knowledge of the machine body’s performance during the cutting process programming stage, and only take into account the geometric constraint relationship between the tool and the workpiece for process programming. The process formulation and parameter selection depend on the habits and experience of personnel. In addition, when processing complex profile parts, the strong time-varying and variable cutting load will stimulate the complex response of the process system, which will easily cause the instability of the processing process and the part to be scrapped. At present, a common method for improving processing quality is to adopt a “processing-analysis-measurement-correction-reprocessing” mentality, which has a long production cycle and high cost. With the continuous pursuit of high-efficiency and high-precision machining, this traditional passive process development process is difficult to fully utilize the efficiency of machine tools.
In fact, there is an interaction mechanism between the CNC machining process and the process system. To achieve efficient and high-precision machining, we first need to study the dynamic interaction mechanism between the cutting process and the process system. For different machine tool performance, tool performance and part processing Requirements, comprehensive process system characteristics and processes, considering physical performance constraints, proposed tool path planning and process parameter optimization methods for efficient and high-precision machining, to achieve the best match between the process system and the process. Secondly, study the adaptive control technology of machine tools considering the impact of the processing process, develop advanced control strategies in the servo drive link and NC link, realize multi-source physical quantity online measurement, processing error analysis and compensation, and improve processing efficiency and quality.

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