The alloy wheel diamond cutting machine can process both conductive and non-conductive materials as long as the hardness is less than the sand wire. For graphite materials that are difficult to process with wire electric discharge machine tools, the use of diamond wire cutting machine tools can especially show its superiority; the alloy wheel diamond cutting machine is used to cut various metal non-metal composite materials, glass, rock materials, gems , Monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, polycrystalline silicon, refractory bricks, ceramics, epoxy board, ferrite, etc., especially suitable for cutting high-value brittle and brittle crystals with different hardness.
Types of alloy wheel diamond cutting machines: currently producing 3 types of sand wire cutting machine tools
1. Bow frame sports diamond wire cutting machine. The bow frame drives a sand line to cut and reciprocate up and down within the range of 30-60 mm.
2. Single wire reciprocating wire structure diamond sand wire cutting machine tool.
3. Multi-line diamond sand wire cutting machine.
The main working principle of alloy wheel diamond cutting machine:
The machine tool utilizes the reciprocating and rotating motion of the sand line to process workpieces with arbitrary curves. It is suitable for processing graphite products, ceramics, composite materials and other parts products; using the reciprocating motion of the sand wire to make the sand wire and the workpiece cut to achieve the purpose of processing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special sand line as a tool to process the workpiece. The workpiece automatically moves according to the trajectory determined by the program under the control of the numerical control device or the computer, and finally the workpiece of the desired shape is obtained.

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