Diamond cut alloy machine is suitable for sawing various shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metallic plastic and carbon fiber and other materials, especially suitable for aluminum doors and windows, photo frames, plastic steel, bakelite, aluminum extruded paper tubes and profiles Sawing; hand-held pressing material sawing material, the material is not easy to deform and the loss is low; the sawing angle is accurate; the vibration is small and the noise is low; the operation is simple and high efficiency, and it can be sawed by single or multiple branches together. It can be used for 90° straight cut, 90°-45° left or right bevel cut, etc. Grinding wheel cutting machine can cut metal square flat tube, square flat steel, I-beam, channel steel, carbon element steel, element tube and other materials.
Safety rules of diamond cut alloy machine:
(1) The operator must be familiar with the performance of the equipment, abide by the safe operation regulations, and prevent accidents.
(2) Be sure to concentrate on the cutting machine when working, not only to keep your head clear, but also to operate the power tool rationally and tired, it is strictly forbidden to operate the cutting machine after drinking alcohol or taking stimulants or drugs.
(3) The power lines must be safe and reliable, and unauthorized pulling is strictly prohibited. The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure that all components are intact.
(4) Wear suitable work clothes, do not wear loose work clothes, and don’t wear jewelry or long hair. Gloves and cuffs are not allowed to operate
(5) The processed workpiece must be clamped firmly, and it is strictly prohibited to start cutting if the workpiece is not clamped tightly
(6) It is strictly forbidden to grind the burrs of the workpiece on the grinding wheel plane to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking.
(7) When cutting, the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel and wear protective glasses.
(8) It is strictly forbidden to use the incomplete grinding wheel. When cutting, it is necessary to prevent sparks from splashing and keep away from flammable and explosive materials.
(9) When clamping the workpiece, the clamping should be stable and firm, the protective cover must be installed correctly, and the dry running inspection should be started after clamping, and there should be no jitter and abnormal noise (10) When replacing a new cutting piece or grinding wheel piece in the middle, do not change The lock nut is too hard to prevent accidental cracking of the saw blade or grinding wheel blade.
(11) If the equipment shakes and other faults, it should be shut down for repair immediately. It is strictly forbidden to take sick and take stimulants and drink and work. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when operating. If dust is caused during the operation, wear a mask or face mask
(12) After processing, the power supply should be turned off, and the equipment and the surrounding area should be well prepared. 5S requirements should be placed in the designated place together with electric drills and insulation supplies.

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