The cnc wheel lathe machine is mainly used for the repair and processing of the rims and treads of various pairs of railway electric locomotives, electric drive diesel locomotives and other wheels.
The main failure analysis of cnc wheel lathe machine:
(1) The Z-axis ball screw is easy to damage, mainly due to lack of oil and lubrication. After the CNC transformation of the wheel lathe, it is automatically lubricated once after power-on. The X axis is below and the oil pressure is large; the Z axis is above and the oil pressure is low , Lubrication is relatively poor, so open the pump during regular inspection to check the oil output of the X and Z axis oil pipes and clear the pipeline. If it is used for a long time, the user must refuel manually.
(2) The CNC system stops urgently. When the CNC lathe turning wheel lathe starts, the LCD screen displays the fault 380500 and code 599. It was found that the input/output board PP72/48 was damaged by the replacement method after inspection, and it was excluded after replacement.
(3) The unilateral or bilateral display of the system lacks the axis enable, and the alarm number 021612 prompts “the channel servo is reset when the displacement is enabled.” When a unilateral fault occurs, generally check the 24V power supply and all links to the drive module for open circuit and contact bad. When displaying on both sides, focus on checking the power supply 24V, because only the power supply provides the pulse enable signal to the two drive modules at the same time, the enable relay is energized for a long time, and the poor contact of the contacts causes the drive module to lack the enable signal. It is a multiple failure, generally only need to be replaced It can be solved by enabling the relay base.
(4) The signal connection cable is loose. When the tread of the turning is scratched, the periodic vibration of the lathe is increased, which causes the terminal part to be partially loose. Tighten the connector during the regular inspection, the focus is on the purple communication cable on the I/O board, the power supply on the servo motor and the encoder cable. The loose signal connection cable is the main reason for the CNC soft fault.
(5) The top can not be moved back, but press the two buttons of the center back and the card release at the same time, the center will move backward. When the top is pushed back by hand, the relay has no output. By checking the PLC ladder diagram, the pressure relay SP3 is locked to the top, and the pressure relay SP3 is checked. It is found that the relay cannot be disconnected normally after closing, and the fault is removed after replacement.
(6) The failure of the combined travel switch is mainly due to the partial fall-off of the rail protection box, which has not been repaired in time, resulting in iron filings entering the cut (limit) cable. Therefore, the rail protection box should be repaired in time when it is loose. During the regular inspection, it is emphasized to decompose the protection box, check the circuit, and clean the iron filings.
(7) The increase of drive alarms is mainly due to the high ambient temperature, the CNC servo drive module and the power module are covered with putty and poor heat dissipation. During the regular inspection, unplug the connector and blow it with a blower, then reconnect the connector.

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