The cnc wheel lathe machine is a special machine tool used for the processing and maintenance of railway locomotive wheel sets.
When choosing a machine tool, you must first consider its practicability, clarify what kind of lathe is needed, whether it is practical, and master the data of the machine tool. Special attention should be paid to the specifications and accuracy. The produced parts determine the processing range of the machine tool to be selected. There are many indicators that can be determined, such as accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy and complex comprehensive processing. Choose templates according to different functions, and different templates also have different prices and functions. Reasonably choose required functions to avoid economic waste. On the premise that the function can be satisfied, try to choose the structure and function that are more economical. The choice of machine tools in the same model can minimize the use of money, which can achieve the effect of saving expenses. At the same time, it avoids the complicated creation caused by too powerful functions, and only needs to purchase according to the required functions. Considering the service life of the lathe, it is also necessary to consider the market share and how long it will be eliminated after its use.
By analyzing the existing problems of cnc wheel lathe machine, we can see the main characteristics of the currently used CNC wheel lathes. The quality of the wheel treads directly affects the safety of the train, and the cost of maintenance will also be required. If there is a problem with the instrument during the running of the vehicle, there will be a certain cost for the maintenance. The incomplete circuit system also brings difficulties to equipment maintenance. The development direction of CNC machine tools must be toward the development of PC and other high-end machine technology, toward the direction of high-speed and high-precision development, digitization will inevitably replace the artificial force, and develop toward automation. If we can vigorously promote the technology of wheel treads and strictly control the number of wheel treads processed, it can reduce maintenance costs, reduce accidents, and ensure good and fast operation. Through the analysis of the problems in the previous article, a preliminary solution to the problems was proposed, and specific problems were analyzed in the actual maintenance, and the occurrence of failures was reduced and better results were achieved. And facts have proved that using less economic costs to transform ordinary machine tools into cnc wheel lathe machine tools will bring greater economic costs to the enterprise.

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