With the development of science and technology, it is now possible to renovate the wheel rim by using alloy wheel hub, which can not only reduce its labor cost, but also save time cost. Let’s take a closer look at the need for alloy wheel refurbishment equipment.
Be diligent about rinsing the rims at the beginning of use. Drive daily and wash the rims at least once a week. When the wheel hub surface is difficult to remove stains, to choose to be able to gently and effectively remove stains cleaning agent, reduce the damage to the metal surface. But for the car hub structure is complex, the lack of tools and experience make car hub is accomplished very hard very clean, wheel hub cleaning business for wheel hub surface oxidation, the problem such as yellow, rusting, aging, use good raw materials, operating personnel operating tools, from inside to outside clean wheel, remove rust, oxidation layer and brake powder, limpid let hub luster.

In addition, if you want to keep the hub clean for a long time and get a long-term and stable protection, it is suggested that car owners can do a hub coating for their car. Size will be the hub wheel crystal coating use coating agent car wheel hub, does not contain oil solvent (solvent oil as the main components of the wax) and glass fiber as the main ingredients, to avoid the possibility of the construction products after oxidation, at the same time on the surface of wheel cap form a layer of hard glass fiber protection layer, protect hubcap free of scratches. It has the effect of anti-fouling, anti-scratch and brightening. This high performance plating agent can really achieve a long-term construction to protect the wheel hub from the intrusion of brake powder, so that the car hub clean and beautiful.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and refurbishment of huai Bei automobile wheel hub, car owners often pay attention to the car paint and engine. Indeed, these two factors have a very important impact on the appearance and driving condition of the car, but there is an equally significant “contribution” that is easy to be ignored by people — the hub.

Hub as an important part of the car parts, in the daily use of the car will inevitably be contaminated with a variety of dirt, in addition to the dust near the ground, mainly from the brake caused by the brake powder. These very small and high temperature iron powder in the brake will adhere to the metal surface of the hub, long-term accumulation of rust, difficult to remove, so that the hub surface gradually lose luster. Want to know the appearance of the car hub to the visual impression is a, it is this detail reflects the owner of the car’s taste, but also reveals the owner of his temperament. Therefore, the use of alloy wheel hub refurbishment equipment is very necessary.

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