The alloy wheel repair equipment introduces advanced technology, which can repair the deformation of various aluminum alloy wheels within 28 inches, and the correction and processing of welding edges. This equipment is controlled by a simple hydraulic unit. Without damaging the molecular structure and mechanical properties of its aluminum alloy, positioning the damaged wheel hub with heat treatment and artificial aging can quickly restore it to its original shape.
The equipment has the function of continuously variable speed (0-300r/min), which makes the deviation detection, positioning marking, plastic repair, lathe cutting, mirror polishing, etc. of the wheel more convenient and efficient. It is suitable for aluminum alloy wheel reshaping, correction, edge processing, surface planing, etc. It is currently the most advanced aluminum alloy wheel repair equipment. The fuselage adopts high-quality guide rail sliders with high accuracy and easy operation. It can turn the inner edges of wheels of different sizes. The lathe uses high-quality flanges and spindles, which can be used for shaping operations of different types of wheels. High rigidity spindle, in line with international standards.
In order to reduce the frequency of failure of the equipment and prolong its service life, let’s talk about its methods in detail below.
Maintenance of alloy wheel repair equipment:
1. Daily cleaning and maintenance are very important for the machine to operate effectively and correctly.
2. The user should perform routine maintenance according to the operation manual.
3. Before cleaning and routine maintenance, turn off the main power and pull the plug out of the socket.
4. The turntable and lathe should be cleaned and greased every day.
5. Check the oil level of the hydraulic system once a month, and tighten the screws of the lathe components.
6. Grease the bearings every six months and do a comprehensive inspection.

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