The cnc wheel machine is easy to install and disassemble, suitable for short-term use, quick transition, energy-saving and environmentally friendly clean water recycling, water saving, 360-degree high-pressure water nozzles are used to wash the tires and chassis of the vehicle in multiple directions and full angles, highly intelligent module design, can Realize “unmanned” fully automatic operation. And it has been able to easily realize automatic flushing of various construction vehicles, so that these vehicles can be cleaned on the road, thereby avoiding road pollution around the construction site and air quality degradation. Many construction sites, garbage dumps, batching plants, coal mines and other places are now equipped with engineering wheel washing machines for engineering vehicle cleaning. With the expansion of the scope of use, how to properly maintain has become a concern of many customers. Let us talk about the maintenance tips of cnc wheel machine.
1. During the use of the cnc wheel machine, more sundries should be cleaned up in the sedimentation tank and clean water tank to ensure that the pipeline is unblocked and in good working condition when the machine is working.
2. For daily inspection of equipment wiring, be sure to organize related wiring to avoid wiring wear.
3. Regularly check whether the nozzle is blocked, regularly clean the sludge in the sedimentation tank, and do a good job of cleaning the surface of the equipment.
4. In cold weather, take corresponding measures to prevent freezing in accordance with the operating instructions. When the cnc wheel machine is idle for a long time or at night in winter, the water in the water pipe should be emptied to make the waterproof pipe freeze.

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