The alloy wheel repair machine is a commonly used sheet metal equipment in the sheet metal repair process. It can perform comprehensive repairs on multiple depressions in the car body. However, its main feature is that it can complete the complete repair of the depression without disassembling the iron plate, which has revolutionized the efficiency and effect of sheet metal repair. It is also an essential vehicle maintenance equipment for the auto repair shop.
Performance characteristics of alloy wheel repair machine:
1. Adopting international leading technology, controlled by a microprocessor, and advanced digital control technology and humanized control design;
2. Switch with welding gun detection function, more comprehensive understanding of machine usage
3. When the welding temperature reaches the critical point, the welding machine will automatically cool down
4. It can repair different steel body and stainless steel body and other materials
5. It has a variety of welding functions such as sheet metal shrinkage, meson, straight pull, spot welding, flattening, corrugated wire, stud, OT gasket, triangle sheet, etc.
6. LCD digital display, intelligent control system with more stable output power
7. Ten kinds of welding function options, 4 kinds of material thickness settings, pulse repair
Applicable models of alloy wheel repair machine:
is suitable for medium and small cars and vans.
Fracture, bending, deformation, defects, etc. of the wheel hub, as well as the surface of various types of wheels, such as the surface of the painted wheel, the surface of the CNC wheel, the surface of the electroplated wheel, the surface of the polished wheel, the scratch, abrasion, or the paint peeling off Wait, it can all be repaired. However, it cannot be repaired if the middle support bar of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is damaged, deformed, broken, damaged its safety structure, or damaged by the electroplated surface that has serious environmental pollution.

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