The rim repair machine can repair all hard injuries and punctures of pneumatic tires. It is mainly used as a tool for repairing side scars on rubber tires of cars and other models. Depending on the type of equipment, it can realize manual temperature control or automatic temperature control to realize tire repair.
Control method of rim repair machine:
1. Step on the second pedal from the left and release it after hearing the sound. At this time, the claws will not move; repeat once, the claws move inward; repeat again, the claws move outwards and return to the initial position.
2. Pull the rim detaching arm, step on the second foot pedal on the right and continue to step on it. The large cylinder drives the wheel detachment arm to move inwardly and impotently. The pressure of the rim detachment sheet on the tire makes the tire and The steel ring is separated. Loosen the foot pedal, and the large cylinder returns to the initial position
3. Step down on the first foot pedal, and the workbench will rotate clockwise; on the contrary, lift the foot pedal upward and the workbench will rotate counterclockwise.
4. Pull the locking handle down to release the vertical axis and the horizontal axis at the same time; on the contrary, push the locking handle up to lock the vertical axis and the horizontal axis at the same time.
Maintenance and precautions of the rim repair machine:
1. Before maintenance, the power and air supply must be disconnected.
2. After the end of every day, the machine must be carefully wiped, and the sliding and transfer parts must be frequently lubricated.
3. Check the gas-water separator and oil mist device frequently. When there is too much water, release it in time, and add it in time when the amount of oil is insufficient (use No. 20 or No. 30 spindle oil).
4. Ensure that there is enough lubricating oil (No. 20 mechanical oil) in the gearbox. The oil level can be seen from the oil window. Open the plastic cover in the center of the workbench, unscrew the bolt, and then refuel from the bolt hole.

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