Maintenance method of diamond cutting wheel lathe:
1. Prevent dust and dirt from entering the interior of the lathe
There are generally oil mist, dust and even metal powder in the air in the diamond cutting wheel lathe processing workshop. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components to decrease, and even cause the components and If the circuit board is damaged, check whether the cooling fans on the CNC cabinet work normally. Check whether the air duct filter is clogged every six months or every quarter. If too much dust accumulates on the filter and not cleaned up in time, the temperature in the CNC cabinet will be too high.
2. The CMOSRAM storage device is equipped with a rechargeable battery maintenance circuit in the general lathe CNC system to ensure that the memory content can be maintained during the period when the system is not powered. Under normal circumstances, even if it has not failed, it should be replaced once a year to ensure that the system works normally. The battery replacement should be carried out under the power supply state of the CNC system to prevent the information in the RAM from being lost during the replacement.
3. When the spare printed circuit board is not used for a long time, it should be installed in the numerical control system regularly and run for a period of time to prevent damage.
4. Regularly adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt of the diamond cutting lathe to prevent the loss of rotation due to belt slippage; check the constant temperature oil tank for spindle lubrication, adjust the temperature range, replenish the oil in time, and clean the filter; tools in the lathe spindle After the clamping device is used for a long time, a gap will occur, which will affect the clamping of the tool, and the displacement of the hydraulic cylinder piston must be adjusted in time.
5. Regularly check and adjust the axial gap of the screw thread pair of the lathe to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial rigidity; regularly check whether the connection between the screw of the lathe and the bed is loose; the screw protection device should be replaced in time if it is damaged. To prevent dust or cutting chips from entering.
6. It is strictly forbidden to load overweight and overlong tools into the lathe tool magazine to avoid tool loss or collisions between the tool and the workpiece or fixture when the manipulator changes the tool; always check whether the return position of the lathe tool magazine is correct, and check the lathe spindle replacement Whether the position of the tool point is in place and adjust it in time; when starting up, the lathe tool magazine and manipulator should be run dry to check whether each part is working properly, especially whether each travel switch and solenoid valve can operate normally.
7. Regularly clean or replace the filters or filter screens of the lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of the lathe; regularly check the oil quality of the hydraulic system of the lathe, add and replace the hydraulic oil; regularly perform the water and air filter of the pneumatic system Release water.
8. Regularly check and correct the level and mechanical accuracy of the diamond cutting wheel lathe. There are two ways to calibrate the accuracy of lathes: soft and hard. The soft method is mainly through system parameter compensation, such as screw backlash compensation, fixed-point compensation of the positioning accuracy of each coordinate, correction of the position of the lathe returning to the reference point, etc.; the hard method is generally carried out during the overhaul of the lathe, such as rail repair scraping, ball rolling The screw nut pair is pre-tightened to adjust the backlash, etc.

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