With the rapid development of railway transportation, more and more passenger and freight locomotives have undergone speed-up transformation, and alloy wheel lathes also need to be upgraded to meet the higher requirements of today’s railway development.
Because the original alloy wheel lathe lacks reference in the axial direction of the machine tool accessories when clamping the wheel set, the axial position of the wheel set changes during the clamping, so manual tool setting is required when machining the wheel set with the CNC tool post. The diameter also needs to be measured manually. In order to give full play to the role of the CNC system of the lathe and significantly improve the production efficiency, an automatic tool setting and wheel set diameter measuring device has been developed.
The automatic tool setting and wheel set diameter measuring device is composed of a box, two probes (measurement probe and tool setting probe), AC servo motor and proximity switch. When in use, the device is installed on the knife holder pressing plate and moves with the knife holder. Connect the motor and the probe switch to the CNC system. When working, first extend the probe. After the signal is in place, the probe stops extending, and the tool post lateral feed motor drives the tool post to move laterally, and the measuring head approaches the workpiece for measurement. The numerical value is calculated by the numerical control system and displayed in the program segment; when the measuring head switch sends a signal, the transverse feed motor stops feeding, and the tool post longitudinal feed motor starts and drives the tool post to move longitudinally so that the tool setting probe approaches the workpiece ; When the tool setting probe switch is signaled, the longitudinal motor stops feeding. At this time, the coordinate position of the X and Y axis of the tool to point O on the workpiece is determined; then the tool setting probe is retracted, and the tool post is under the control of the CNC system Automatically cut according to the programmed program.
Practice has proved that with the automatic tool setting and wheel diameter measuring device, the tool post of the alloy wheel lathe has become a fully automated CNC tool post.

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