alloy wheel refurbishment equipment is a type of rubber machinery, which refers to a complete set of special equipment that can process and repair old tires and realize tire recycling. The equipment includes two kinds of cold turning equipment and hot turning equipment. There are mainly sanders, tire presses, vulcanizing tanks, squeezing guns, etc. The sander is used to sand the used tires out of the curvature required for the retreading process. Generally equipped with a dust collector. There are horizontal grinding machines, vertical grinding machines and CNC grinding machines. Tire press, also known as tread press. It is used to uniformly press the tread rubber on the carcass according to the size and tension specified by the process; it can effectively remove the air between the tread and the carcass. It is also divided into vertical tire press, horizontal tire press, and CNC tire press. The vulcanizing tank is used to vulcanize the tire with the tread at high temperature, so that the tread and the carcass are firmly combined. There are two types of electric heating and steam heating. The electric heating vulcanizing tank has better performance.
The development of alloy wheel refurbishment equipment:
Tire retreading has a history of decades in China. Before the 1980s, relatively backward hot-turning equipment had been used. The production efficiency was not high, the carcass was damaged, and the service life was low. A tire can only be retreaded once. After the 1980s, my country began to introduce foreign advanced cold-rolling equipment. One vulcanizing tank can vulcanize multiple tires at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency. Because the vulcanization temperature of cold roll is relatively low (the vulcanization temperature of cold roll is generally about 115 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of hot roll is about 150 degrees Celsius), it has little damage to the tire, mostly because of its strong wear resistance, and the service life can reach 80 of the new tire % Or even higher! A tire can be retreaded many times. Therefore, domestic tire retreading plants mostly use cold-turning equipment, but some tire retreading plants still use hot-turning.
The cold turning equipment has a history of 30 years since its introduction. With the efforts of several generations of tire retreaders, there has been considerable development, but due to the impact of the domestic investment environment, there is still a little gap with the international level. Bai Ying, a domestic first-class engineer, once said to the author: “I can also design the most advanced equipment in the world, but I suffer from no domestic market.”
Generally speaking, the technology and quality of tire retreading equipment have been greatly improved in recent years. The cost performance is not necessarily worse than foreign equipment! At present, the most advanced equipment in the world belongs to the Italian Malun Guli. Their equipment is the best in the industry in terms of advanced level and service life, but because of some special reasons, it is in the domestic market. It’s not very good. The most advanced equipment in China is the Shanghai Brads tire retreading equipment. Brads’s equipment is close to China’s national conditions and is cost-effective.

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