The rim is an important part of the car body and one of the most important factors to ensure that the car can drive safely. At present, most of the wheel hub materials on the market are made of aluminum alloy. The material is relatively soft and is easily affected by external forces. For example: uneven road surface, no deceleration after crossing ridges, etc., causing the wheel to collide with the hard object on the ground and damage the hub. Common damage phenomena are : Abrasion, fracture, chipping, corrosion, depression, distortion, deformation, etc.
In this case, it is extremely urgent and necessary to reshape the wheel hub, because once the wheel hub is deformed or damaged, it will seriously affect the driving safety, which is manifested as jitter when driving, the wheel leaks, and the steering is not sensitive. The rim repair machine replaces the traditional manual beating-type repairing, applying scientific physical principles, the repairing machine judges the unevenness of the wheel hub under scientific testing, and makes a corresponding treatment plan. It is more accurate than manual repair. In addition, the repair machine of Grasse has a fast repair speed, which greatly saves labor costs and improves labor efficiency. Compared with manual repair, the wheel hub repair is safe and reliable.
Taking into account safety issues, wheel shaping is a type of shaping that cannot be done by yourself at home or sent to a repair shop to be beaten. Because of this approach, it is easy to damage the internal molecular structure of the hub.
Hub repair experts pointed out that: the shaping of the hub must be inspected and shaped on professional testing equipment.
Rim repair machine is to apply aluminum alloy professional technology and tools to correct various types of aluminum alloy wheel damage problems without destroying the molecular structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy, which improves the current status of automobile aluminum alloy wheel deformation that cannot be repaired.

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