The diamond cutting wheel lathe uses the reciprocating movement of the sand line to cut the sand line and the workpiece to achieve the purpose of processing. The diamond cutting wheel lathe can be used to cut various metal and non-metal composite materials, glass, rock materials, gems, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, polycrystalline silicon, refractory bricks, ceramics, epoxy plates, ferrites, etc., especially suitable for cutting high A variety of brittle crystals with different hardness that are easily broken. Diamond wheel cutting lathes include single-wire cutting machine tools and multi-wire cutting machine tools. The sand wire used is also called diamond sand wire, emery wire or diamond wire, which refers to the use of electroplating or resin bonding to fix the diamond abrasive on the wire On the substrate.
The existing technology has the following shortcomings:
In the prior art, due to the reciprocating high-speed movement of the emery wire, the emery wire is repeatedly wound and retracted on the wire storage spool and the wire take-up spool. It is very easy to cause the adjacent diamond wires to squeeze and rub against each other, thereby causing the wire The surface diamond particles fall off, a large part of the diamond particles are squeezed off without participating in the cutting process, which reduces the cutting ability. The sharper the diamond wire, the stronger the processing ability, and the more serious the extrusion and friction between the diamond wire. The more serious the diamond particles fall off, the lower the processing ability of the diamond wire, which affects the processing ability, and then brings the increase in the amount of cutting wire, and the cutting cost remains high, which needs to be improved.
The purpose of this utility model is to provide a diamond wheel cutting lathe whose processing capacity is not easy to drop.
The technical solutions are as follows:
A diamond cutting wheel lathe at least includes a bed, a wire storage spool and a wire take-up spool installed on both sides of the bed, the wire storage spool is wound with emery wire, a wire storage spool, and a wire take-up The I-shaped wheel is driven by the power mechanism to rotate forward and backward in high speed synchronously. It is characterized in that it also includes a storage transition wire barrel, a take-up transition wire barrel, and one used to evenly wind the emery wire on the storage wire transition wire. The wire discharging device of the drum, a wire discharging device for evenly winding the emery wire on the take-up transition wire drum, the emery wire starting from the storage spool is first evenly wound in a single layer through the wire discharging device Wound on the storage filament transition tube, the gap between adjacent emery wires wound on the transition tube is greater than 0. After the emery wire starts from the transition tube, it passes through a number of transition guide wheels to the processing area, and then passes Several transition wheels are evenly wound on the transition wire barrel on the other side through a single layer of the wire discharging device on the other side. The gap between the adjacent emery wires after the winding is greater than 0, and the emery wires involved in the machining and cutting are in High-speed reciprocating movement between the two transitional yarn drums, and winding on the yarn-rewinding spool.
Because the emery wire involved in the processing part is evenly wound in a single layer on the storage transition wire barrel and the take-up transition wire barrel, and the emery wire wound on the storage transition wire barrel and the take-up transition wire barrel are adjacent to each other. No contact, no extrusion and friction, diamond particles will not fall off due to extrusion and friction, ensuring the processing ability of the diamond wire.

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