The wheel repair equipment adopts a combined positioning bending plate, which is fixed by mechanical connection, and the installation and positioning operation are simpler and more convenient. The patented technology of the utility model relates to a locomotive wheel numerical control repairing equipment, which is a pair of symmetrical operation numerical control processing units, and the numerical control processing units are arranged on the same platform base by the numerical control processing system.
Technical characteristics of wheel repair equipment:
1. The equipment integrates tyre removal, tyre installation and inflation, which is suitable for disassembly and inflation of various small and medium-sized automobile tires and motorcycle tires.
2. With self-centering function, the slider seat has a stepping function, and the operation is quick and convenient;
3. The box body structure adopts A3 cold plate, which is exquisitely wear-resistant and resistant to deformation;
4. All hexagonal steel adopts wire cutting treatment, straightening and blackening, quenching treatment, and the vertical accuracy reaches 99%;
5. The tire removal head is made of high-quality wear-resistant white black steel, with a perfect and reliable structure design to ensure that the steel ring and tire are not damaged in any way during work;
6. Imported jaws, made of high-quality wear-resistant white steel, scientific structure design, to ensure that the steel ring is not damaged, and the warranty is 5 years;
7. The power switch is imported from Germany with one year warranty;
8. The precision machined reducer, the worm gear pair adopts high-quality special alloy, to ensure that the whole machine is wear-resistant and ultra-quiet;
9. The diskless adopts a quick clamping device, which makes it more convenient to disassemble and assemble the tire. The spindle pneumatic locking the tire is fast, simple and convenient;
10. Flip the working bird head: Pneumatically control the working bird head, and the tires can be easily removed and assembled without a crowbar.

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