cnc wheel lathe machine cnc is a special machine tool used for the processing and maintenance of railway locomotive wheelset. In order to improve the performance price ratio of the machine tool, a special double turret CNC system for wheel lathe is developed. The realization methods of automatic measurement, tool setting and economical cutting functions of the CNC system are mainly discussed. It is a fully automatic machining operation mode and equipped with an automatic measuring system, which can automatically calculate the best cutting parameters after measuring the tread of the wheel set to be lathed.
One of the main characteristics of CNC system is high reliability, small failure, strong adaptability to the environment, regardless of the temperature or moderate strength, has a certain adaptability, the internal circuit is more complex, requires the matching CNC lathe control system close contact and operation.
Before the lathe processing, the information of the parts to be processed and the requirements to be met are input to the control end, and the NC device will analyze and process the received information. According to the processing results, it will be assigned to each device to complete the processing, and complete the processing task of the parts according to the required shape and size.

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