Maintenance standard of alloy wheel repair machine
1. External maintenance. Regularly clean the outer surface of the machine tool and all covers to keep the inside and outside clean without rust and yellow robe. Clean the guide surface every week, check whether there is burr and Iron Chipping. The guide surface shall be free of rust, and the screw rod shall be smooth and clean without impurities. Make up the fastening screws, nuts, handles and other machine accessories, keep the machine clean and tidy, and do a good job of rust prevention and cleaning in time.
2. Tool holder and supporting plate. Every day, a large number of iron chips will be produced in the machine tool, scattered in the spindle and near the tool holder. If the machine tool is not cleaned for a long time or the cleaning is not complete, it will rust the machine tool, and even affect the tool clamping. Especially for friends in the automobile maintenance industry, a lot of aluminum chips are produced in the automatic wheel drawing machine every day, which must be cleaned every day.
3. Lubrication. The lubrication of the screw rod and the guide rail is realized by the guide rail oil. Check whether the oil circuit and pipeline are blocked once a month, check and replace the guide rail oil in time to ensure the oil quality, and check the filter regularly to eliminate the leakage problem.
4. Circuit. Every shift should check whether the circuit box at the back of the machine tool is complete and whether there is any trace of being bitten by mice. Check the electrical contact components every month, such as air switch. Only in this way can the hub repair equipment have good performance and long-term safety and reliability.

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