Analysis of the maintenance of the automobile hub and the quick repair method of the abrasions of the alloy wheel repair equipment
Most cars need to change their clothes from head to toe. The hub is like the “shoes” of the car. The perfect vehicle shape is like a pair of very general “shoes”, the overall image will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when you equip the car, you must not ignore the hub. The visual impression of the wheel hub appearance is the first, which seems to be careless but can reveal the owner’s taste properly.
When the surface of the hub has the stain which is difficult to remove, professional cleaning agent should be selected. This kind of cleaning agent can remove the stains gently and effectively, and reduce the damage to the surface of aluminum alloy. In addition, there is a metal protective film on the hub itself, so special attention should be paid to the cleaning without paint brightener or other abrasive materials. Care should be taken during driving to avoid “hard injury” caused by scratch on the hub. Once there is scratch or deformation, it should be repaired and repainted as soon as possible.
To avoid this phenomenon, the car should be diligent in washing the wheel rings when it is still new. The vehicles driving every day should wash the wheel rings at least once a week. After washing with clean water, then sponge them with cleaning agent, then wash them with plenty of water.
If the car has been driving for a while, and is not diligent in cleaning and maintenance, a hard dark coffee color has been formed on the wheel rim to coking, then use stronger wheel cleaner.
After cleaning coking, it is necessary to wait a moment after spraying special cleaning agent, and then soften and coking solvent, then brush off with sponge or coarse cloth, and then rinse with clean water.
Choose fresh shape for convenient maintenance
It should be noted that you must not worry about it. Some serious coking needs two or three cleaning actions to get rid of it completely. People who don’t like to do their own maintenance of the car, it is better to choose a “refreshing” shape with simple and clear shape, no too many complex structures and a bunch of small screws when buying the wheel ring for the first time. It is easier to maintain and clean later.
The following are the specific steps for repair:
1. check the scar. If it is not damaged to the inside of the hub, it can be repaired simply. Use paint diluent to wipe the surrounding of the scar to remove the dirt.
2. it is difficult to remove the dirt from the deepest part of the scratch. At this time, it can be thoroughly cleaned with toothpicks.
3. in order to prevent the irrelevant parts from being painted by mistake, it is better to carefully stick the adhesive paper around the scar.
4. finish the brush tip, apply the finishing paint, and shrink slightly after drying, and it is better to slightly protrude.
5. after coating, it will take about a week to dry completely. After drying, apply soap water with water resistant paper to make the surface smooth.
6. after wiping with water resistant paper, wipe the light with mixture, and then apply wax.
The deep scar, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if the metal surface can not be seen, it will not rust, can be applied with finishing paint.
Use the tip of the pen to go up a little bit, and then wait until the paint is completely dry.
Daily maintenance is also more than not less, when the hub temperature is higher, it should be cooled naturally before cleaning, do not use cold water to clean. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy hub will be damaged, even the brake disc will be deformed and the braking effect will be affected. In addition, cleaning aluminum alloy hub with cleaning agent at high temperature will cause chemical reaction on the surface of the hub, lose luster and affect the beauty.
When the hub is covered with tar which is difficult to remove, if the general cleaning agent is not helpful, it can be tried to remove with a brush, but do not use a hard brush, especially an iron brush, to avoid damaging the surface of the hub. Here, introduce to private owners a kind of side prescription of removing tar: choose the medicinal “active collaterals oil” to wipe, can obtain unexpected effect, try to see. If the vehicle is located in a humid or near shore area, the hub shall be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion of aluminum surface by salt. After cleaning if necessary, wax the hub to keep its luster forever

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