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Several methods teach you how to repair the wheel hub With the improvement of people’s living standards and road traffic safety equipment, many people own cars. During the whole process of driving, they inevitably cause damage to the tires, especially the wheel hub. Although we also understand the importance of wheel hub repair, we can’t […]

Maintenance standard of alloy wheel repair machine 1. External maintenance. Regularly clean the outer surface of the machine tool and all covers to keep the inside and outside clean without rust and yellow robe. Clean the guide surface every week, check whether there is burr and Iron Chipping. The guide surface shall be free of […]

cnc wheel lathe machine cnc is a special machine tool used for the processing and maintenance of railway locomotive wheelset. In order to improve the performance price ratio of the machine tool, a special double turret CNC system for wheel lathe is developed. The realization methods of automatic measurement, tool setting and economical cutting functions […]

Alloy wheel lathes have high reliability, less failures, strong adaptability to the environment, regardless of whether it is temperature or moderate strength, they have a certain degree of adaptability, the internal circuit is relatively complex, and it requires a close-fitting CNC lathe control system Connection and operation. Before lathe processing, input the information of the […]

Alloy wheels have won the favor of more and more private car owners for their beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. For high-speed cars, the deformation of steel wheels and the high temperature generated by the brakes cause tire blowouts and reduced braking efficiency. It’s not uncommon. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times […]

The wheel straightening machine can ensure that the steel plate gets better straightening and straightness and less residual stress. At the same time, the safety coupling cut off, roll system and rack roll failures in the current application practice of the straightening machine are analyzed and improved and optimized one by one. The equipment is […]

With the continuous development of science and technology, mechanical products are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex, and their modifications are becoming more frequent, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the performance, precision and automation of machine tools. CNC machine tools use advanced technologies such as computer numerical control technology, microelectronics technology, […]

In the process of using cnc wheel machine, sometimes there will be some minor faults, but many novices will not deal with them, let’s share some maintenance experience. Troubleshooting steps of cnc wheel machine: Step 1. Do not exclude process CNC system alarms or diagnostic alarms that you think are irrelevant, and do not just […]

The wheel repair equipment adopts a combined positioning bending plate, which is fixed by mechanical connection, and the installation and positioning operation are simpler and more convenient. The patented technology of the utility model relates to a locomotive wheel numerical control repairing equipment, which is a pair of symmetrical operation numerical control processing units, and […]