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         The cnc wheel lathe machine is mainly used for the repair and processing of the rims and treads of various pairs of railway electric locomotives, electric drive diesel locomotives and other wheels. The main failure analysis of cnc wheel lathe machine: (1) The Z-axis ball screw is easy to damage, mainly […]

        Diamond cut alloy machine is suitable for sawing various shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metallic plastic and carbon fiber and other materials, especially suitable for aluminum doors and windows, photo frames, plastic steel, bakelite, aluminum extruded paper tubes and profiles Sawing; hand-held pressing material sawing material, the material […]

The alloy wheel diamond cutting machine can process both conductive and non-conductive materials as long as the hardness is less than the sand wire. For graphite materials that are difficult to process with wire electric discharge machine tools, the use of diamond wire cutting machine tools can especially show its superiority; the alloy wheel diamond […]

cnc wheel machines have high-efficiency and high-precision machining technology for complex working conditions. High-efficiency and high-precision machining is an eternal goal pursued by machine tool users. As a necessary link to obtain high-quality parts, their quality has a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of parts processing. At present, machine tool users lack knowledge […]

With the development of the modern auto repair industry, the processing and repair of tires is no longer a problem, and we have already realized the recycling of tires. In order to better realize the secondary use of tires, wheel retreading equipment has appeared.Two methods of replacing equipment, cold turning equipment and hot turning equipment, […]

The diamond cut wheel machine adopts the unidirectional or reciprocating circular motion of the diamond wire, so that the diamond wire and the object to be cut form a relative grinding motion, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. When the processed material is not conductive and wire cutting is required, the EDM wire […]

Working process of cnc wheel lathe: Cnc wheel lathe work is roughly divided into the following four steps: 1. According to the processing technology content required by the part drawing, carry out numerical calculation, process treatment and program design. 2. Compile the numerical control program according to the program format specified by cnc wheel lathe, […]

 Alloy wheel cnc machine have a wide range of processing performances, which can process internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, arc surfaces and various threads, slots, worms and other complex processes. It has exerted good economic benefits in the mass production of complex parts. When selecting the cutting amount, we must fully consider the […]

  Wheel refurbishment equipment is a kind of rubber machinery, which refers to a complete set of special equipment that can process and repair old tires to achieve tire recycling. Wheel refurbishment equipment includes two types of cold rewinding equipment and hot rewinding equipment. There are sanders, tire presses, vulcanizers, and glue guns. Grinders are […]

The wheel repair machine is a special machine tool for processing and repairing the wheel pairs of railway machines. The basic principle of the wheel repair machine: The main feature of the CNC system is high reliability, relatively small fault conditions, strong adaptability to the environment, irrespective of temperature or moderate strength, and certain adaptability. […]