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Nowadays, many used tires are rubbed into garbage every day. In the large open dumps, many discarded tires can be seen. The advantages of entering the black workshop become other things that endanger the world, and some simply change for tens of thousands of years. Here, the pile becomes a weapon that pollutes the environment, […]

Straightening process of the wheel straightening machine: The position of the roller is at an angle to the direction of movement of the straightened product. Two or three large are active pressure rollers, which are rotated in the same direction by the motor belt, and several small rollers on the other side are driven pressure […]

The choice of cnc wheel lathe must first consider its practicability, clearly determine what kind of lathe is needed, whether it has practicality, to master the data of cnc wheel lathe, special attention should be paid to the specification and precision, and the parts produced determine the machine tool to be selected. The range of […]

In order to realize the automatic control of the wheel straightening machine, in the research of the straightening of the automatic control machine, the straightening machine needs the self-identification and the statistical quality control characteristics in the plate. The design goal is to realize the planarity and analyze the incoming Automated parameters and process selection […]

 CNC wheel lathe machine used for the machining of various new and required wheel sets. The UFB125N can be used for the repair of high-speed EMU wheel sets in addition to the traditional wheel set. The lathe adopts the SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D numerical control operating system, which is a fully automatic machining operation mode and […]

The role of the proportional valve in the hydraulic system of the cnc wheel lathe machine is to adjust the pressure according to the gravity of the wheel pair of the vehicle, so that the continuous loading is always within a reasonable range, and the pressing device is not too bad; the wheel processing cannot […]

  Alloy wheel repair equipment coating 1.0-caliber spray gun is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than large-caliber spray guns on the market. The small-diameter spray gun saves raw materials, because we are doing micro-repair projects, most of which are small-scale repair and partial repair. . The oil-water separator is used to treat the garbage on […]

The cnc wheel lathe machine can logically process the motion of the wheel machine with the program code or other symbolic instructions, automatically process the parts according to the shape and size required by the drawings, thus achieving automated machining and compound centralization of the wheel machine height. machining. The appearance of the cnc wheel […]

In order to make better use of the wheel straightening machine, the wheel straightening machine needs to be regularly maintained, and the maintenance personnel need to be familiar with the maintenance methods of the wheel straightening machine and the standards of the equipment. We will talk about it carefully. 1. The equipment standard of the […]