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In cnc wheel lathe machine processing, especially for just contact or beginners, abnormal situations often occur. When these sudden abnormal conditions occur, the light damages the tool, the workpiece is scrapped, and the chuck and electric tool holder of the lathe are seriously damaged. Affect the accuracy of the machine tool and even hurt the […]

The main feature of the cnc wheel lathe machine system is high reliability, relatively small failure conditions, strong adaptability to the environment, irrespective of temperature or moderate strength, and certain adaptability. The internal circuit is more complicated and requires matching. The CNC lathe control system is in close contact and operation. Before the lathe processing, […]

The rim repair machine is specifically designed to repair twists, bends, dents, etc. of various types of rims. The rim repair machine has a unique design, standard shaping effect, and simple operation flow. The rim repair machine has a very user friendly interface. Through the intelligent operating system, the lathe will automatically simulate and process […]

The temperature problems in the use of wheel straightening machine are of great value to many operators. When choosing ‍‍ temperature, it is more appropriate to choose between 600 and 750 degrees. When the straightening machine is working, we have to strictly control its temperature. If the temperature is high, it will cause some wavy […]

Cnc wheel lathe daily maintenance and use common sense: First, the daily maintenance of the cnc wheel lathe: Before working on the cnc wheel lathe: 1. Check the handover record book 2. Strictly follow the equipment; lubrication chart; delineate for refueling, to achieve timing, quantitative, qualitative. 3. For equipment that has been shut down for […]

The cnc wheel lathe machine is a special machine tool for machining and repairing wheel pairs of railway machines. In order to improve the performance and price ratio of the machine tool, the cnc system for the double tool holder for wheel lathes was developed, and the automatic measurement, tool setting and economic cutting functions […]

The alloy wheel repair equipment introduces a foreign technology, a convenient and practical repair machine specially designed for the distortion, deformation and depression of various aluminum alloy wheels. The alloy wheel repair equipment can process all the wheels within 24 inches. After correcting the hub, edge cutting can prevent the tire from leaking. It has […]

All the important parts of the rim repair machine have been strengthened. The wide-number system (the system comes with more than 200 kinds of programs) and other accessories are selected from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. The structure is reasonable and the operation is convenient, which can create good working conditions for users. The […]