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Cnc wheel lathe daily maintenance and use common sense: First, the daily maintenance of the cnc wheel lathe: Before working on the cnc wheel lathe: 1. Check the handover record book 2. Strictly follow the equipment; lubrication chart; delineate for refueling, to achieve timing, quantitative, qualitative. 3. For equipment that has been shut down for […]

The cnc wheel lathe machine is a special machine tool for machining and repairing wheel pairs of railway machines. In order to improve the performance and price ratio of the machine tool, CNC wheel lathe machine manufacturers,the cnc system for the double tool holder for wheel lathes was developed, and the automatic measurement, tool setting […]

The alloy wheel repair equipment introduces a foreign technology, a convenient and practical repair machine specially designed for the distortion, deformation and depression of various aluminum alloy wheels. The alloy wheel repair equipment can process all the wheels within 24 inches. After correcting the hub, edge cutting can prevent the tire from leaking. It has […]

All the important parts of the rim repair machine have been strengthened. The wide-number system (the system comes with more than 200 kinds of programs) and other accessories are selected from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. The structure is reasonable and the operation is convenient, which can create good working conditions for users. The […]

Nowadays, with the development of the economy, almost every household has a car, and there have been many problems. The frequency of use of automobiles is too high, the wear of the wheels is more serious, and the application of wheel repair equipment is also increasing. Let’s talk about the common use of wheel repair […]

With the development of science and technology, the development of wheel refurbishment equipment has become more and more rapid. In the past, the re-use rate of wheel refurbishment equipment was very low, one wheel could only be refurbished once, and its production efficiency was not high, and the service life was low, which led to […]

Automobile alloy wheels play a very important role in the driving process of the car. It is recommended that for ordinary consumers, it is better to be less active. If the enthusiasts want to modify, they must buy the genuine manufacturer of the wheel drawing machine, and then Modifications under the guidance of professionals can […]

The wheel straightening machine is a device for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, and the like. The straightening machine presses the bar or the like by a straightening roller to change the straightness. There are generally two rows of straightening rolls, varying in number. There are also two-roll straighteners that rely on angular changes […]