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Highlight Of YUJIE Wheel Repair Machine

1.Ironic interface for the cutting system instead of tedious description with text provides user-friendly experience for the one who is not familiar with this kind of machine.


2.It is equipped with standard contact probe for high accuracy and strong anti-jamming capability, making up for the big deviation when a deep lip wheel been cutting caused by laser probe.


3.Partial modification of the curve reducing the cutting volume of the un-required area, keeping wheels’ own soundness


4.Circular operation improves the working productivity; an operator can work for 2-3 machines at the same time.


5.There are two separate buttons under the control panel to adjust the spindle speed and feeding speed, which is used to get your cutting performance (fast speed to get wide stripes and lower speed to get fine stripes)


6.Liner guide for the mechanical structure (X and Z axis) keeps higher accuracy and its longer life.


7.Optional arc-type jaws are designed to the back side of the wheel (special requirement)