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1- How many wheels can we do in a working day?

According to the feed back of our customers, normally 30-40 wheels, it depends on the amount of scratching. Normally a circulate cutting can be done every 2 minutes.

2- Can the machine remember the wheels cut before?

Yes, of course, the computer would keep record the wheel which we cut already, and then you can name it, next time just open the probing data to start the cuttind directly.

3- How can we get the machine? Cause we are far away from China?

We would ship the machine by the sea and prepare you all required document, all you should do is waiting for the calling from the shipping company and submit the document which we gave.

4- What should I do for normal maintenance?

Keep the oil tank with 1/3 to 2/3 level oil to lucubrate the rail way.

5- What can we do when there is problem?

It comes into two parts, one is the software, we can do remote inspection when you give us the password.

The other one is the mechanical parts, we would put the quick wearing spare parts together with the machine when you buy it, but to be honest, it nearly happens, for big problems, we would arrange technician to do inspection during the warranty.

6- I have no experience for this machine, how can we start the working?

It is a user-friendly software designed by us, a training video (step by step) would be given to you, and  24 online technical assistance would be here always.

7- Can we cut the wheels with high lip?

Yes of course, that is our advantage compares to other factory, a specifial designed tool and would given when there is requirement.

8- What about the warranty?

For L series machine, we would provide 2 years warranty , but even after warranty, our technician would always be online to provide assistance.